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Forest Park (Tahura) Sultan Adam has an area of 112,000 hectares of forest land administratively in the realm of two different counties, namely Banjar and Tanah Laut included in the province of South Kalimantan. Tahura name is taken from the name of Sultan Adam al-wathiq Saidullah Billah bin Sultan Sulaiman II which is Sultan Banjar who ruled from 1825 until 1857.

About the tourist


Tahura Sultan Adam Mandiangin including one alternative to travel cheap, simply by paying the entrance fee of Rp. 5,000, visitors can enjoy the facilities there. The location was not too far from the city, 45 kilometers from Banjarmasin city center and about 15 kilometers from Banjarbaru. The place is always visited by a variety of people with different objectives than just refreshing to the organization of activities in nature. The area offers natural beauty and coolness of the mountains this can be achieved by using a two-wheeled or four. This place not only offers the natural beauty of the mountains, but also offers streams, mountain spring water that flows clear, and several waterfalls. Supporting facilities at this location also start plus. There is a parking area, small shops caterers, and rental of goods for camping.
When entering the forest park, visitors are required to pay admission to the post retribution. Then visitors will pass through a paved road to the location Netherlands Meneer bathing pool. Swimming measuring approximately 30m x 50m is right on the roadside. The pool was built in the era of the Netherlands has a high historical value. Visitors can swim or simply soak feet feel the freshness of the original mountains without charge.
In addition, there are also other Dutch heritage sites are often called the Dutch Fort. Dutch fort is at the peak Tahura. To get to the top, visitors do not need to walk because it can be reached by using a motor vehicle. Along the road leading to the top, visitors of all ages stopped at the roadside chatting while enjoying the beautiful landscape increasingly apparent. But for visitors who want to walk, can pass the path uphill cement around the pool Netherlands.
There are several waterfalls in the forest park. There are through the trail uphill and descending stairs. The first waterfall that could cement uphill through a trail near a pond Netherlands. The water is clear and refreshing keep visitors busy playing and soak as much. The object of this one also has a good view of the object of photography, it is not uncommon for photographers to make this location as their favorite locations to mengexplore nature. Second waterfall is still around the pool Netherlands. Visitors have to go down the stairs, which is near the stalls around the pool Netherlands. About 5 minutes visitors will be served by the rhythm of splashing water and fresh mountain spring water. There is also a gajebo around the waterfall to relax.
Walking down again around 5 minutes from the falls, visitors can watch the deer in captive deer Mandiangin. There is also a stage house nearby there are lined with pine trees are very beautiful.




Food Court

Lots of variety of food sold from a drink to a lunch menu which is sold by small shops, if there is an event campsite, the shop is even remain open until late at night

Play Ground

There are several play facilities for children, although not spelled out so much, this facility would be nice because it is under the leafy trees are rarely encountered in urban

Camping Area

Tahura Sultan Adam is indeed one camping spot mainstay in Banjar district. There are three area campgrounds in the form of a large area of the beautiful which is often used as a training base for government agencies, scouts, community, and even the military. Camping here is very pleasant because the location is beautiful, but easier to find the shower facilities and food vendors


Showers and toilets are available in several places in Tahura Sultan Adam

Security Office

Security posts available in the entrance area of Tahura

Tourism information display

Sultan Adam Tahura region can be identified through a big sign on top of the mountain, every area in which also include a clear explanation, such as a flying fox, deer, Dutch pool and other

Religious activity places

There is a place of prayer for Muslims

Parking Area

In addition to spacious, parking available also shady so friendly for your vehicle

Tahura Sultan Adam Panorama

Discover the beauty

Video Tahura Sultan Adam

Sultan Adam Forest Park has plenty of rides to visit such as an arcade game area, deer, a pool and a historic fort and mountainous region itself