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For you fans of adventure travel Kahung the mountain and the valley is the right choice to satisfy the adventurous instincts . Because the mountains are largely of its area is protected forests will provide challenges to your adventurous spirit .

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The trip to the beautiful waterfall that is an exciting adventure, starting with the use of public transport to Riam Kanan dam, the largest dam in South Kalimantan, which takes about 40 minutes from Martapura. The trip will then continue by boat (Kelotok), 2-hour drive through the water reservoirs would not be so, because during the trip that our eyes will be pampered with a range of mountains Meratus beautiful blue towering thatched white cloud clean with small islands amid a reservoir / lake Riam Right.
With a raft trip will end in Belangian village, the village where the new adventure will begin, the next long journey can only be traversed by foot. Prior to localized waterfall, there are four resting place called the shelter. The first shelter will be found about 40 minutes walk from the village Belangian, while the second and third shelter will we find about 2 hours of the first shelters are often also referred to as twin shelters because of the position of the building side by side. Challenging but exciting journey we will get when it departs from the second and third shelter to the fourth shelters. Strolling along the fenced grassland green mountains. Faithful to accompany the morning sunshine to watch the amazing scenery around.
Entering the mountain valleys Kahung distinctively tropical forests with large trees towering. A thrilling adventure is when we have to climb steep ravines and huge rocks to cross the creek a watery cool again clear. To reach the waterfall Mount Kahung which is the highlight of this trip we had to wander the woods of the second and third shelter during the 3 hour journey kempat shelter, then of the four shelters still we take 1 hour drive to reach the waterfall. Although this trip is full of challenges and tiring but when it is near a waterfall that feels cool and beautiful scenery that makes us amazed and thought of the creator, then feeling tired it disappear instantly.




Camping Area

Kahung valley is prepared for adventures, where the journey takes longer require visitors to stay by putting up tents

Tour Guide

The waterfall is not crowded with people, if you have not been to the waterfall Valley Kahung, you must be accompanied by someone who knows his place and is usually of the surrounding residents

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Region Kahung unspoiled valley, where there is a beautiful waterfall. Not only waterfall that we can enjoy, but the beauty of the forest area itself during the journey will satiate the soul of a true adventurer